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Work In Dark Environments Comfortably

Posted by PCbasics on December 15, 2013 at 3:45 PM

Laptops are made to be portable and to be easy to bring around with you wherever you go. Sometimes you may bring your laptop with you to a dark environment. Whether it's at a nightclub, lecture hall, or a theatre lighted room, your laptop may be too bright for the dark environment. Even with the brightness setting on the lowest, the blinding light from the laptop is distracting and hurts your eyes. Dimmer is a small utility that sits in the system tray of your PC and can dim your laptop's screen beyond the laptop's darkest setting. This really helps your eyes and it allows you to continue working on your computer despite the environment you are in. To use the app, download the application and run it to click the icon in the system tray. Adjust the slider to your liking!

Download this utility for free here:


Another screen brightness utility I have found and tried is PangoBright. This utility serves the same function but instead of having a slider, there are preset percentages and you can select one on the list to choose what percent darker your screen will be.

Download PangoBright for free here:


F.lux is a utility to change the computer's display color to match the time of day. With warmer colors during the night hours and cool brighter colors during the morning and day times. I use F.lux with PangoBright to change my laptop's screen and make it more comfortable for me to work depending on the time of day. With F.lux, it automatically changes the screen colors while PangoBright allows me to change the darkness and brightness depending on where I am.

Download F.lux for free here:


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