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PCbasics Site Update

Posted by PCbasics on April 23, 2013 at 8:00 PM

If any of our readers are wondering what happened to PCb in the past months, this is an update on the PCbasics site.

So, Whats going on?

I have taken a break from PCbasics in order to focus on my school work in the past months, but at the same time we are also deciding on how we can improving the site. The PCbasics Websites are currently running two blogs. AppRadar: covering iOS apps, and PCbasics: covering Windows applications and freebies. With a small team of 3 people, it's a work demanding job. We have tried launching other sites in the past, but we didn't have enough bloggers to run them at full speed. Both have been put on hold as we sort out the future of PCbasics Websites. As for PCbasics, we are currently deciding whether we should migrate our site to the more popular Wordpress platform. As we have been on the Freewebs platform for 3 years now, the Webs platform is very limited to the cusomization level. As you can tell, our site did not change that much over the years. Yes, there were small graphical changes to the homepage and a few changes the the blog look, but the overall site experience has not changed. Although the site design isn't bad, we would like a bit more control on comments, blog content manager, and ability to implement more social media sharing ability. For the comments section, we would like to continuously keep our giveaways fair. The current comment system is buggy and limited on functionality. No tracking and or spam filter. We have tried to control the spammers and cheaters, but it has been all manual work for me to sort them by hand. This isn't ideal when we are getting 100 (possibly more) comments on blog posts. We are also looking for more implementation within the blog posts. As of right now, the blog post editor doesn't have the ability to add flash, or other elements (such as raffle copter), which is why we have seperate pages for raffle copter giveaways. Social media is also a very import part to our site. The ability to share and follow us on social media allows our reader base to grow. We are growing, but without proper social media compatibility and ease of use, we are limiting our reader base to a low number. As you may know, most if not all major blogs are on Wordpress, and we are still considering this move, but would first like to inform our readers. Either way, we wil be continuing to deliver the best content to our readers. The difficulties of moving platforms is the inability to move our articles from here to the new platform, but at the same time it would be nice to get a fresh start for PCbasics.

What? Malware!?

We are currently aware of the malware message chrome users are experiencing:

This problem is due to some links on the website. We are working on trying to get these links removed to clear this danger message. We assure you that there is no malware on PCbasics.

When are the changes going to take effect?

I can't say for sure. As I have said before, I am busy with the load of school work, but as far as new blog content, within the next month PCb will be back up to normal speed. We haven't decided on whether we should migrate or stay the same, so it wold be great if you guys could leave your thought on what would be best for our readers. Since, well, you are are our readers. :)

What are your thoughts on the future of PCbasics? We would love to hear from you. Keep it the same? or change platform? Question? Feel free to ask, or e-mail us via the "Contact Us" tab.

Thanks for your support,
PCbasics Team

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