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Winferno ID Confidential 2013 [Review]

Posted by PCbasics on December 5, 2012 at 3:30 PM


If you have ever filled out an online form or shopped online with you credit card, it is possible to get you confidential information stolen from you tracks. Your PC leaves tracks of your social security number, credit card info, logins, and passwords whenever you complete a form online. Clean out and protect your private data with Winferno ID Confidential 2013. Keep you information away from prying  eyes by locking up or shredding your online traces.


Winferno ID Confidential 2013 is a program to keep your identity safe. Spending much of my time online myself, I have many of passwords and private information stored on my computer. By spending my time on the web, I am vulnerable to hackers that steal my confidential information stored in temporary files and/or history files in my web browser. This program makes it easy to lock up my private info or destroy it.

After scanning my PC, I found a few confidential files stored on my computer. Of course if you spend more time online than I do, there will be more passwords and private files stored. Once the program has found the stored information you have the option of choosing what you would want to do with the confidential information. You can chose from either adding the info into a secure database ("Safe-Deposite Box"), Destroying the files (Shredding), ignore the found info, or open up the file locations.

Other Notable Features (Via Developer):

  • Permanently Shreds Sensitive Files
  • Saves files to a Safe-Deposit Box that Only You can Unlock
  • Secures and Encrypts Confidential Usernames and Passwords
  •

Product Specs:

All in All

The program is simple to use and pretty straight forward. The only complaint is the price of this program. There are programs such as TuneUp, Glary Utilities, and CleanMyPC, etc.  that do the same and/or more for the same price. I do like the password manager implemented into this program, but it just simply needs more to get the most of your money, I do like the simplicity of the program, but there is just too much competition for programs like this for Winferno ID Confidential 2013 to stick out. I rate Winferno ID Confidential 2013 4 stars out of 5.

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