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Make Free Money While Surfing The Net

Posted by PCbasics on October 5, 2012 at 2:00 AM

(Credit: TopLine)

Free Money?

I'm sure if you read PCb's Free Soft. & Tech Blog, you also read other blogs and visit many other sites. What if you were paid to visit your favorite websites and blogs? TopLine does just that. With the TopLine addon on yor browser, you can make money just by visiting websites on the web. The advertisements on the website will be changed to TopLine ads so when you view them you earn points. As you earn points while browsing the web, you will then be able to swap your points for cash! It's really simple and easy to make money while surfing the web.

Things to Remember

  • You must not have an ad blocker activated on your browser (obviously).
  • Don't give up! Install the addon and just surf. Ad revenue is slow, so don't be expecting $100 checks to be heading your way in one day.
  • Refer friends! When a person signs up using your friend referral link, that person is tagged as being referred by you. When that person uses TopLine, 5% of their total point accumulation is matched and deposited to your account.
  • Patience. Just think about how much money you would make over time. It won't be instantaneous.

Other Features (Via Developers)

  • Get Started in Minutes
    • Getting started with TopLine is quick and easy. Just register, download and start surfing!
  • Safe and Secure
    • TopLine is safe and secure. User privacy is important to us.
  • Cross-Platform
    • TopLine is available for both Mac and PC. Surf from any computer!

Get TopLine

Ready to earn some money? Join TopLine and start earning money by using my referral link (https://www.jointopline.com/?fid=KBFT2NY8C247). Or just sign up on the site.

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